Course Objective

Led by experienced traders and trainers, the course objective is to cut through the noise and deliver the requisite knowledge you need to trade with confidence and be successful in the market place

Course Synopsis

  • Basics of Investment
  • Introduction to Stocks
  • Reading A Stock Chart
  • Stocks Analysis (Fundamental & Technical)
  • Select Technical Indicators
  • Stocks Screening Tools
  • Trading Platforms
  • Introduction to Options
  • Options Type, Style, Class and Series
  • Options Moneyness, Premium & Valuation
  • Options Assignment & Exercise
  • Options Maths & Greeks
  • Options Strategies (Income Generation & Protective)
  • Portfolio & Risk Management
  • Psychology of Trading
  • Putting Your Trading Plan Together

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone with little or no trading experience who is keen to learn how to trade with confidence.
  • Anyone interested in making money anywhere they have a laptop and internet access.


  • 12 weeks live online. Class meets once a week for two hours.


Training Calendar

  • Sun, Apr 10 through Sun, Jun 26, 2022
  • Thu, Apr 14 through Thu, Jun 30, 2022.

Get Started Now

Guidelines For Registration

    • We are now accepting registration for our Stocks & Options course.
    • Course registration fee is $1,495.
    • Full payment must be made at registration.
    • Payment plans of three installments of $500 with first, second and last payments before the course starts, four weeks into the course and eight weeks into the course respectively are available.
    • Please review our Terms & Conditions.

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